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S2E7: Carles Jennings - Learning in the Flow of Work


Does learning happen in the flow of work for reskilling? How does psychological safety support learning? Will the 70-20-10 model stay relevant as the future of work evolves?

My interview with Charles focused on how psychological safety is the bedrock for continuous improvement, performance and reskilling initiatives. Reskilling requires a different approach to learning in the flow of work. We also discussed how investment in learning tech could be helpful if focused on applying skills and providing performance support. The L&D teams must move beyond content, build more context in the design, and use AI to bring the learning environment close to the working environment. We discussed the 70-20-10 model and how it can make learning effective and relevant.

Guest Profile:

Charles Jennings is a former business school professor and a leading thinker in innovative learning and performance approaches. An author and consultant, his career spans five decades. It includes roles as head of the UK national centre for networked learning, head of strategic technology at Dow Jones Markets, chief learning officer at Reuters, and a member of advisory boards for international learning, performance, and business bodies.

He is a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Society for Arts (FRSA) and a Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute (FLPI). He is also a Senior Advisor at the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and other bodies.

You can reach Charles on LinkedIn with your introduction.

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About the Host

Anish Lalchandani is a Global thought leader (Top 25 thought leader on HR & Future of Work and Top 100 Leadership voices to follow) and speaker on the future of work, upskilling and human capital.

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