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The Skills Advantage

Written by Anish Lalchandani

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This excellent book offers insights and tools for reskilling that helps people and organizations be effective.”

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan. Partner, The RBL Group

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Our quick, 8-question quiz, takes just about 2 minutes, is more than an assessment; it's the first step towards crafting your personalized skills-building strategy. Discover recommendations tailored to your unique skills development path and be the catalyst for a transformative journey.

About the Author

Anish Lalchandani is a globally recognized HR and Talent Leader renowned for his innovative approach to people development, culture, and transformation. He has served in leadership positions with renowned organisations such as A. P. Moller Maersk, Standard Chartered Bank, Jones Lang LaSalle, and General Electric. In addition to his distinguished career, Anish has been named as a Top 50 Thought Leader on HR and the Future of Work for contribution to the people profession. He is a Chartered Fellow of CIPD and a Leadership coach.

Business models are being disrupted – an avalanche of AI has prompted many organizations to rethink their business strategies, and leaders are faced with the dilemma of balancing the advantages of automation with the impacts on their employees and the changing nature of jobs. The need for reskilling and upskilling is no longer a choice but an urgent necessity. Reskilling just a few employees has snowballed into reskilling the entire workforce, and the current learning and development methods are no longer effective.


The Skills Advantage empowers leaders to reimagine their approach to building a sustainable, human-centered, and scalable reskilling strategy. Drawing on decades of practical experience, Anish Lalchandani offers leaders a path to implement an effective reskilling strategy to support the growth of their people, and in turn grow their business.


Emphasizing the criticality of diverse talent and skills in driving business growth and innovation, The Skills Advantage provides the cornerstones for reskilling strategies that align the organization and the individual’s needs – including practical application, agility, and building alliances for an ecosystem-based reskilling strategy. With case studies and practical steps, you will discover how skills are the new currency of work and pivotal in reskilling.

About the Book

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