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S2E2: Eric Sim - Rise of the Creator Economy


How to get started in the creator economy? What skills you need, and how to get started? As a key opinion leader on LinkedIn and author of "Small Actions," Eric Sim shares his story of going from server to professor and career skills trainer in episode 2 of the HumanWorkz Podcast.

You will also learn more about how to get into the creator’s economy and practical experience from Eric in developing professional skills.

Guest Profile:

A key opinion leader on LinkedIn with over 2 million followers, Eric Sim, CFA, is the author of the book Small Actions: Leading Your Career to Big Success. Previously, when based in Hong Kong, Sim served as a managing director at UBS Investment Bank and an adjunct associate professor of finance at HKUST. He founded the Institute of Life with a mission to train young professionals to be successful at work and in life.

Check out Eric’s book: Small Actions


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About the Host

Anish is Global thought leader and speaker on the future of work, upskilling and human capital.

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