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S2E5: Ani Fhilippova - The Future of Careers


We are stepping into the reality of a 100-year life. How will careers look in the future? How can we make conscious choices to balance personal and professional needs? What skills and support are required for a portfolio career?

My interview with Ani focused on her experiences pivoting into a portfolio career after a high-flying banking career. What was her motivation? What will the future of careers look like? She shared her experiences about experimenting and learning on the go and how critical it is to build a network of mentors and coaches. We also touched upon the future of banking and where it is headed, and what skill will be required to navigate the future.

Guest Profile:

Ani Filipova the Former COO for Citibank Treasury and now thriving in her portfolio career. She is now a board director, lecturer, speaker and a investor. She is the founder of Change Advisory to help help financial institutions formulate and implement strategies for digitalization, ESG, and transformation of the corporate culture.

She teaches Executive MBA students at the University of Northern Illinois (NIU) in Easter Europe and also the member of the NIU MBA Baord of Executive Advisors. She is the host of the Change is possible podcast and can be reached on her personal website or on LinkedIn.

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About the Host

Anish Lalchandani is Global thought leader (Top 50 thought leader on HR & Future of Work) and speaker on the future of work, upskilling and human capital.

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