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S2E7: Armaan Seth - Co-creating the Future of Work


What are the best ways to involve employees in designing the future of work practices? How have onboarding and other HR practices changed? How to attract and retain employees? How should we approach upskilling?

My interview with Armaan focused on learning what the future of work means for Syngenta. A company focused on improving global food security by enabling millions of farmers across the globe. We discussed his experiences around Covid and how he managed his mental well-being and resilience as he transitioned jobs and countries. Arman also shared how they involved employees in sharing their feedback and adopted an agile and iterative approach to experiment and constantly learn from it. We also touched upon how that has fostered collaboration and innovation and supported this culture shift in a very diverse organisation.

Guest Profile:

Armaan leads the Global HR function for Syngenta Crop Protection based in Switzerland. He is a seasoned executive and coach who has worked across different industries and is keenly interested in Talent Management, the Future of Work and Mental well-being. Armaan has lived and worked across various countries in Europe, and the Asia Pacific and has been recognised as one of the Top CHROs in 2022.

You can reach Armaan on LinkedInand Twitter

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About the Host

Anish Lalchandani is a Global thought leader (Top 25 thought leader on HR & Future of Work and Top 100 Leadership voices to follow) and speaker on the future of work, upskilling and human capital.

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