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The Skills Project

The Skills Project provides a platform for people to share their opinions and insights to support a human-centred and sustainable approach to upskilling and reskilling. Our mission is to understand the issues and challenges people face and help shape our society's future. We invite you to read more about our project and join us in ensuring your voice is heard!

We want to hear from you If you have gone through reskilled/upskilled or supported others in that process. The survey will only take 2-3 mins of your time.

Respond to the survey today and share the link with your friends and colleagues to contribute. (Closed)

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Is chatGPT a threat to all our jobs?


As per WEF, we need to reskill 1/3 of our workforce as new technologies are impacting the current jobs. Today we lack a sustainable approach to upskilling/reskilling.

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This is a massive challenge for Organisations, and this research will support us in finding the blockers to upskilling/reskilling and the conditions we need to create to ensure that no one is left behind.

Chart analysis


The Skills Project begins with this research. As we gather insights, we will share these via papers, resources, best practices and other additional resources that can support individuals, organisations and other agencies in their skill-building efforts. 



  1. Does this require me to disclose any company information?

  2. Do you require my name or email?


  1. Will the research be published at an anonymous and aggregate level?

  2. Can I share this with my colleagues and friends?


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When an employee undertakes learning to expand their existing skill set, that learning is known as upskilling. These additional skills enhance the worker’s performance in their current role, potentially advancing them along their career path.


Employee reskilling involves learning new skills outside of the worker’s existing skillset. These skills are often closely adjacent to their current function, but may sometimes be geared toward a different path entirely.
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Thank You for supporting the Skills Project (Now closed)

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