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Gary A. Bolles: The Next Rules of Work

Gary A. Bolles: The Next Rules of Work

Guest Profile:

Gary A. Bolles is the author of the book -The Next Rules of Work: The Mindset, Skillset and Toolset to Lead Your Organisation through Uncertainty. He writes and lectures around the world on the future of work, learning, and organization. As Chair for the Future of Work for Singularity University, he helps people understand the impact of exponential change on the worlds of work and education. As a partner in the consulting agency Charrette LLC, he helps organizations, educators, and governments understand the needs of tomorrow’s workers and learners. And as co-founder of, he helps job-hunters & career changers with programs inspired by“What Color Is Your Parachute?” Bolles is dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, communities and countries to collaborate on effective strategies and to ensure that all people can have access to meaningful work and lifelong learning opportunities.

Episode summary:

In this conversation, Gary and I discuss Mindset, Skillset and Toolset and how they can help organisations and leaders lead through uncertainty. We cover examples from Google and Lego in the context of their culture and leadership transformation. We also discussed what will the future(s)of work may look like and how leaders and CHROs need to approach it. Gary shared a genuine appreciation of the work HR teams and leaders are doing and, at the same time, shared what needs to change.

Key questions and topics covered:

1. Robots and Software don’t take jobs –Humans do

2. What will ‘work’ look like in the future and the next rules of work?

3. All organisations have a set of values and cultural narratives. How will that change with the next rules of work?

4. What are the skills of tomorrow for workers and teams?

5. How to approach the dilemma corporates are facing on balancing re-skilling and costs

6. How can we create an inclusive future of work?

7. Key role HR is playing today and what HR leaders need to do differently.

8. Individuals, organizations, communities and countries –the four different domains to help expand the aperture for people to think about the future they want to create

Sound bites from the podcast

(please listen to the podcast for full context)

  • The future of work as a topic was theory in January of 2020, and by April, it was practice.

  • skill sets are very important, but mindset eats skill set for Lunch

  • If you have the mindset that you can solve a problem, you are far more likely to solve it. And if you don’t have the mindset that you can solve it, you’re probably right.

  • we’re on the cusp of cracking the code on human skills in the same way that we have cracked the code on the human genome


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