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Lynn Dang: Building Equitable and Inclusive Experiences

Lynn Dang: Building Equitable and Inclusive Experiences

Guest Profile:

Abhijit Bhaduri is the CEO of Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates, a boutique consulting firm that includes Fortune 500 firms and startups in the US, Asia Pacific and India as its clients. He was the Chief Learning Officer for Wipro and led HR teams for Microsoft, PepsiCo and Colgate in the US, India and Asia Pac regions. He has been published by Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Duke University and writes regularly for Economic Times, Times of India, People Matters and Business Line. He is one of the most widely followed HR leaders on LinkedIn, with over 800,000followers. Forbes describes him as “India’s most interesting globalist”.

He is a Distinguished Alumnus Award of XLRI Business School, India, where he did his Masters degree. In addition, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Honors) and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Delhi.

Episode summary:

In this conversation, Abhijit and I discuss the rise of the intangibles -Leadership, Culture and Talent; and how that differentiates successful organisations. He also covered the 5 shifts to watch for –1) Boundaryless, Digital and Can be run from Anywhere2) Balancing Polarities 3) From Tangibles to Intangibles 4) Emotions matter at work and 5) Perpetual Beta. We also covered topics on the future of work, business models changing and how that impacts reskilling. He shared a fresh perspective on why organisations need to move away from the concept of ROI on learning. Finally, he shared his secrets on how he approaches his work and what creativity means to him.

Key questions and topics covered:

1. What was your inspiration to write the book ‘Dreamers and Unicorns’?

2. The changing role of leaders and managers in the new normal.

3. Gig economy and importance of personal brand

4. Who is responsible for workforce development?And are organisations doing enough for re-skilling?

5. The changing nature of education and learning to catch up with the future of work

6. The role of coaches in supporting the development and making decisions.

7. What’sdriving the great resignation?

8. What does creativity mean to you?

Sound bites from the podcast

(please listen to the podcast for full context)

  • “Value creation has shifted to the softer areas,which is all the intangible things like brand, your supply chain, your leadership page talent strategy, culture….’”

  • “These are situations where dealing withambiguity means that there are no playbooks, you know, so the leaders actually have to be able to listen….”

  • “Do you think organizations doing enough to reskill and developed the employees in the workforce at a broad level?The answer is no. And I’ll let me explain this, your point of view…..”

  • “all the sports people have coaches,you know but all business leaders don’t, you know, isn’t that some kind of an irony.”

  • “Creativity is the ability to keep yourself entertained”


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