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S2E4: Anita Lettink: Future trends in work and technology.


HR and work technology are exploding, but how will they enable a more inclusive work environment? Do we understand the current demographic trends, skills shortages, and HR technology landscape? Do we invest in people and technology for the long term?

I sat with Anita to explore some of these dilemmas and challenges in this episode. We covered demographics, skills, immigration and talent visibility. We also explore web3 and web2 technologies that may influence HR functions. There was a clear recognition for HR to be more strategic and to build for the long term.

Guest Profile:

Anita Lettink is an international keynote speaker, advisor and author. After a global career in HR and payroll consulting and outsourcing, she started her own business to help CHROs and their teams understand how work is changing and what they can do to prepare their employees and companies to thrive.

Anita has been recognized as a Top 25 Global Thought Leader on the Future of Work and a Top 100 HR Tech Influencer. She is the author of “How to Select Your Next Payroll”. Anita is Partner at Strategic Management Centre and the founder of

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About the Host

Anish Lalchandani is Global thought leader (Top 50 thought leader on HR & Future of Work) and speaker on the future of work, upskilling and human capital.

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