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S2E1: Anna Tavis - Humans at work


What does humanizing work and workplaces look like? Why do we need to focus on ‘worth’? I sit down with Anna Tavis to explore her latest book, ‘Humans at work’ and discuss various topics such as upskilling, coaching, and the metaverse. The workforce behavior is changing drastically. Their expectation from organisations are changing. Have you ever imagined how much metaverse, AI, and data analytics can affect an organization? And how we can prepare to adopt this change? Anna has a refreshing take on these big questions and shares insights from her research and experiences.

Guest Profile:

Dr. Anna Tavis is a Clinical Professor and Academic Director of the Human Capital Management Department at NYU School of Professional Studies, Senior Fellow with the Conference Board,and the Academic in Residence with Executive Networks. Dr. Tavis has been named to Thinkers50 Radar for 2020 and recently published the book ‘Humans at Work’. Dr. Tavis is a frequent presenter at international conferences on the Future of Work, People Analytics and Technology, Employee Experience and Intelligent Automation in the Workplace.Prior to joining NYU faculty, Dr. Tavis navigated a diverse global career in academia, business and consulting. Dr. Tavis received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and Executive MBA in International Business from the University of South Carolina.

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About the Host

Anish Lalchandani is a Global thought leader and speaker on the future of work, upskilling and human capital. He has been named top 10 Thought Leaders by Thinkers360. He has 20+years of experience in HR, Talent, Leadership and Culture in various industries.

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