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Shaun Temby: Creating Campfires for Innovation

Shaun Temby: Creating Campfires for Innovation

Guest Profile:

As the former Innovation Partner at Maddocks, Shaun is passionate about the role that legal technology can play in responding to challenges and disruptions currently facing the legal sector. At Maddocks, Shaun led our innovation strategy –MaddX –focusing on creating a culture of innovation, where we are open to new ideas and new ways of working with each other and our clients. In 2018, Maddocks was a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards 2018 –Innovator of the Year and the Janders Dean & LexisNexis APAC Legal Innovation Index 2018.

Episode summary:

In this conversation, Shaun and I discuss what it takes to build an innovation strategy and culture. Maddocks has involved employee’s and how diverse teams can contribute to innovation. Innovation strategy requires sponsorship, good support structure and also creating space and priority. In addition, there are a number of technology tools(chatbots, AI/ML due diligence tools, e-discovery etc.)being introduced in the legal industry, and people need to experiment and test what will work as some of these tools. Finally, Shaun shared his point of view on future skills and mindset required for lawyers as the world of work evolves.

Key questions and topics covered:

1. Innovation is one of the core values at Maddocks, and you were the first innovation partner, so talk to us about your role and why such a focus on innovation?

2. Maddocks has received several awards and recognition in the diversity & inclusion space. Can you share what are some of the key initiatives in D&I?

3. How do you see the correlation between diversity & innovation?

4. How do you see the new technologies disrupting the legal industry?

5. How will that impact the work in law firms, and what new skills may be required?

Sound bites from the podcast

(please listen to the podcast for full context)

  • ‘ you need to create a platform for innovation and an understanding openness to innovation within the business,and then you need to create campfires.’

  • ‘ the greatest opportunity for successful innovation is to identify pain points, and to once you’ve identified a pain point….’

  • ‘is the small, little cumulative changes that drive significant improvements within the business, but we adopted a definition of innovation, which is any change that delivers value for the business.’

  • ‘ We want to have the best problem solving,and we want to look like our clients. You’ve got to remove hurdles to success for a more diverse workplace.’


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